Laboratoire de Génie Informatique et d’Automatique de l’Artois

Optimization Models and Algorithms for Global Green network Design


Metaheuristic, hub network, supply chain

This research is focusing on developing of binary integer linear programming models and solution methods based on metaheuristic with mathematical programming techniques for designing hub network and services of supply chain by taking into account environmental aspects, delays and delivery time. It is part of the Ph.D. work of Fabio francisco DA COSTA FONTES.

Instances presented here were developed to test the mathematical models of this project.

Each instance is composed by 2 items : a distance matrix or cost matrix and a demand matrix, respectively.

Large instances are built from the AP (Australian Post) instances which are available on the web site In this web site, each AP instance is composed of a number of nodes, a demand matrix (n x n) where flows from one node to itself are allowed and a distance matrix (n x n). In our work, a distance matrix and a demand matrix with no flow from one node to itself are used. Therefore, AP instances were adjusted for our problem.