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    Revue Internationale avec Comité de Lecture

    International journal with review committee
    Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Cross Docking: A Systematic Literature Review
    Journal of Computer Information Systems, pp 1-21, Taylor & Francis, 12/2022

    Ph.D. topic: "New Optimization Techniques for Cross-Docking"


    In Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Operations Research (OR), we are interested in developing techniques for solving hard combinatorial optimization problems. The main objective of this PhD thesis is to conceive new original approaches for optimization, inspired from both AI and OR methods, with cross-docking as application domain.

    This PhD will be led as a collaboration between two research laboratories of the University of Artois (France), namely, LGI2A and CRIL


    2022 - 2025

    Towards human AI

    Summary :

    The programme strategy of the University of Artois is to promote and conduct core research on explainable AI as well as quality interdisciplinary research on important issues in Social Sciences and Chemistry.