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International conference with review committee
An integrated rough-DEMATEL method for sustainability risk assessment in agro-food supply chain
The 5th International Conference on Logistics Operations Management (IEEE-GOL 2020), Rabat, Morocco, avril 2020

Ph.D. topic: "A sustainable and resilient supply chain network design under uncertainty : Agro-food case study"


Due to increased food demand related to the population growth and increasing concerns related to food quality and safety, the concept of sustainability is becoming important to the agro-food sector. Upon doing so, designing an agro-food supply chain that take into consideration three dimensions of sustainability is becoming a big challenge. However, these supply chains are increasingly exposed to risks such as climate change, water scarcity as well as financial crisis. These supply chain must adopt new strategies and incorporate the concept of resiliency in the designing process. In this thesis, we aim to design a Sustainable-Resilient supply chain network that balance economic, environmental and social goals with resiliency. In real world, the design of supply chain network is associated with parameters of considerable uncertainty (demand, supply, and cost). In order to integrate these uncertainties, a novel multi-objective fuzzy stochastic programming approach will be developed in this thesis.