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SPSC: a new execution policy for exploring discrete-time stochastic simulations
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Modelisation of maggot activity on carrion
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Master's thesis
Modélisation du développement des diptères nécrophages par Système Multi-Agents
Université d'Artois, LGI2A, juin 2006

Author of the Ph.D. thesis "Multi-agent based approach of a decision support system in dynamic an uncertain environment — Application to forensic entomology"

2006 - 2009

The work presented in this thesis deals with modelling and decision support issues in the context of complex systems. Specifically, we investigate the coupling of agent-based simulations and inverse problem resolution methods. Thus, a generic architecture of decision support system is proposed. We identify two problems related to the implementation of this architecture : the validation of simulation parameters and the observation of agent-based simulations. We offer some answers to solve them. The notion of inverse problem is redefined in the context of decision support in a multi-model framework. Therefore, a resolution method and heuristics, based on ideas from works on abductive reasoning, are proposed.

This work is then applied to the conception of a decision support system dedicated to forensic entomology. This research area, midway between forensic sciences and entomology, aims to develop post-mortem estimation methods based on entomological indices, i.e., insects (mainly necrophagous diptera) or insect remains, sampled on or around the cadaver. In the context of this work, done in collaboration with forensic entomology laboratory of the Legal Medicine Institute of Lille, we present :

  • an agent-based model of necrophagous diptera in a complex environment such as a dead body in a specific ecosystem, taking into account more parameters than conventional methods,
  • an implementation of the decision support system architecture mentioned above, based on this model.


2017 -

Categorisation of numerical simulations using pattern recognition tools. Applications to intermodality in transports.

Numerical simulations, Pattern recognition, Dempster-Shafer theory


2011 - 2014

Contribution to the estimation and control of intelligent transport systems

Intelligent transportation systems, Traffic flow, Ramp metering, Dynamic traffic routing, Estimation, Macroscopic models, Sliding mode control, Model predictive control

Jean-baptiste SOYEZ

2010 - 2013

Conception and modeling of systems of systems : a multi-level mult-agent approach

Multi-level multi-agent modeling and simulation, Systems of systems, organisational approach, Influence/Reaction model, complex systems, intelligent autonomous vehicles


2015 - 2020

Chaîne logistique durable

Summary :

Le projet « Green Supply Chain » consiste en la création d’un système d’aide à la décision standard pour la conception et la planification des chaînes logistiques durables selon une nouvelle organisation basée sur les différents mécanismes de collaboration et d’Internet Physique

SmartMOB (ELSAT 2020)

2015 - 2020

Smart Mobility

Summary :

The first purpose of the SmartMOB (Smart MOBility) project is to encourage drivers to park their cars to continue their trips using public transport to save time, facilitate their trips, save money, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions...