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    Ph.D. topic: "Sustainable fishery supply chain design in the context of a circular economy"


    The aim of this project is to adopt a transdisciplinary approach by focusing in particular on the supply chain of seafood products and its optimization in the context of a circular economy and strong human pressures exerted on marine ecosystems.

    This study aims to optimize the energy, environmental and economic costs of the supply chain of seafood products from the source to the end customer. It requires the construction of a spatialized location model of supply sources (fishing and/or aquatic sector), mass storage and sorting, transformation, and distribution to take into account environmental constraints and establish a cost-distance matrix for optimization. logistics.

    This involves designing, verifying and optimizing the logistics network of the virtuous loop between the various actors. We thus want to globally estimate the economic, social and environmental impact of a set of alternative scenarios that the decision-maker can define or that we can propose to him. Optimal solutions for one of these criteria or situations of compromise between several criteria will be studied within the framework of this project. The transport part is here at the heart of this logistics network that we seek to optimize.

    The methodology that will be used for the location of the layers of the logistics network will require the integration of methods from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Operational Research (OR).