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International conference with review committee
A new MIP model and machine learning approach for home health care: optimization of cancer treatment process by chemotherapy
The 5th International Conference on Logistics Operations Management (IEEE-GOL 2020), Rabat, Morocco, avril 2020
International conference with review committee
Planification des Ressources Humaines en Hospitalisation à Domicile: Cas d’Hémodialyse à Domicile
10ème Conférence Francophone en Gestion et Ingénierie des Systèmes Hospitaliers (GISEH 2020), Valenciennes, France, avril 2020

Ph.D. topic: "Robust Optimization for Multi-periodic Critical Resource Planning in Health care by applying Conventional and non-conventional Approaches"


While a home service is a fast growing industry, little attention has been given to the management of its workforce. To maintain growth, a key challenge for home-service companies is managing their critic resources (i.e. expensive and limited labor resources). In particular, the time an employee needs to provide high quality service often depends on his/her experience. Importantly, experience increases over time, thus gradually decreasing the time required to provide service. By accounting for employee experience and the accompanying learning, managers can take advantage of capacity increases that result from experience, improving efficiency and enabling further growth. Another key challenge for home-service companies is optimizing resources availability by using new technologies like IoT (Internet Of Things) devices to find the best staff planning while considering the environment real data.