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Pauline MINARY

Ph.D. student
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An Evidential Pixel-Based Face Blurring Approach
4th International Conference on Belief Functions, BELIEF 2016, pp 222-230, LNAI 9861 (co-best student paper award), Prague, Czech Republic, J. Vejnarová and V. Kratochvil (Eds.), Springer, septembre 2016
International conference with review committee
A fusion method for blurring faces on platforms using belief functions
11th World Congress on Railway Research, Milan, Italie, juin 2016

Ph.D. topic: "Blurring faces on video images using the belief function theory"


To ensure safely trains departures, especially in a high-density environment, the SNCF offers the driver of the train a camera system allowing him/her to see all of his train within monitors displaying images of the platform.

To allow the SNCF to use these videos for other purposes, such as studying for example moving users in a station, it is necessary to respect the right of publicity and then to blur people faces on images.

The objective of this thesis is then to realize a robust face detection system in order to blur faces. This system will in particular be confronted to uncontrolled conditions (weather, exterior, interior, ...) in which operate the cameras.