Laboratoire de Génie Informatique et d’Automatique de l’Artois

Position (Associate professor) Filled position

Sections 27/61 (Computer science, Automation and Signal processing) at Faculté des Sciences Appliquées, Université d’Artois.

Permanent position Beginning: 01/09/2018

The university of Artois recruits a maître de conférences sections 27/61 (lecturer, associate professor, full time position) at Faculté des Sciences Appliquées / LGI2A Lab, Béthune.

Keywords: optimisation of logistics systems, combinatorial problems, decision, information fusion, uncertainty


The recruited candidate will develop his/her research activities within the Laboratory of Computer Science and Automation of Artois (LGI2A) in at least one of the following two themes:

- Optimization of logistics systems with the search for optimal or pseudo-optimal solutions of combinatorial problems,

- Decision support and information fusion in uncertain environments.

He/She will take part in the ongoing regional projects of the laboratory (CPER ELSAT-2020, IRT Railenium). He/She will also participate on applications for national or European projects

Contact: Hamid ALLAOUI


The candidate will be integrated in the Department Génie Industriel et Logistique (GIL), Faculté des Sciences Appliquées de Béthune. He/she must be capable to teach courses on logistics, supply chain or production management. He/she has to prepare practical works on ERP, APS and WMS tools. The candidate will be eventually invited to take an administrative responsibility.

Contact: Mike DELPLANQUE