Laboratoire de Génie Informatique et d’Automatique de l’Artois

Project ENCETRE 2

2016 - 2019

Energie Non Conventionnelle Et TRaitement des Eaux

This research is financially supported by BPI France and the Hauts de France Region (Fonds Unique Interministériel).

The goal of the ENCETRE 2 project is the valorization of class 1 meat-and-bone meal based on the principle of circular economy.

This valorization involves a first use as non-conventional fuel by the cement industry and then in a second step it is transformed into hydroxyapatite for the depollution of effluents containing heavy metals and finally in a third step is used as fines in materials for road construction or filling of underground cavities.

Projet context:

The ENCETRE 2 project takes place at the intersection of three major problems:

  • There is a real problem with the management of class 1 meat-and-bone meal
  • Minimizing the energy bill of highly energy-intensive industrial facilities and using renewable resources becomes both an economic and an environmental necessity
  • Many effluents (industrial, mining, ...) contaminated with heavy metals are rejected without treatment because of the cost and complexity of the latter.

The purpose of the ENCETRE 2 project is to create a valorization chain allowing an industrial and coordinated response to these three problems.

The innovative character of ENCETRE 2 can be found at several levels. The most traditional level is the creation or improvement of processes and formulations. The most strategic level is the integration of the previous level into an integrated chain shared by the project partners.

  • The ENCETRE 2 project is labeled by two competitiveness clusters: TEAM² and MATIKEM.
  • The missions of the TVES and LGI2A laboratories are more transversal to the project (work package 6 below). For both these laboratories, it will be necessary not only to verify the logistical viability of the project and to optimize all the costs related to the transport of materials, but also to develop the tools (methodological and computational) to carry out this same work on other geographical areas (particularly the rest of Europe and the countries already mentioned in the "market" chapter).

LGI2A’s area of intervention

The LGI2A laboratory operates more specifically in WP 6, which aims to manage and optimize the transport of materials between the various sites (storage of flour, cement kilns, ash transformation, effluent treatment and recovery of saturated reagent).

Leader LGI2A : Gilles Goncalves

Project characteristics:

  • FUI project : Fonds Unique Interministériel.
  • Global cost: 8.12 M€
  • Eligible cost: 4.12 M€
  • Porposed support: 1.48 M€

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Université d'Artois






Producteur de ciment, granulat et béton




Project leader , Société d'études et d'ingénieurs conseils dans les thématiques de l'environnement


Laboratoire, Université de Lille 1 & 2


Société spécialisée dans le négoce de co-produits animaux issus de l’industrie agrolimentaire


Laboratoire Territoires, Villes, Environnement & Société