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Project PlaiiMob (CISIT)

2007 - 2013

Plate-forme de simulation dédiée aux services de MOBilité

This project has received a regional Nord Pas De Calais funding (CISIT).

Our laboratory is involved in CISIT (International Campus on Safety and Intermodality in Transportation) PLAiiMOB (Simulation Platform for Mobility Services) project, to propose a demonstrator and a simulator for services in the context of mobility and inter-modality.


The objective of this project is to illustrate how partial information can be exchanged in the context of inter-vehicle communications, for example to warn drivers of a potentially dangerous event (accident, obstacle on the road, braking, ...) or to assist them (find a free parking space, avoid traffic jams, be informed in real time of traffic conditions). Unfortunately, communications between vehicles can be disrupted (network coverage, information propagation time, ...) and can be degraded. As part of this project, our laboratory is particularly committed in the information fusion aspects. To achieve a more robust communication, a system using fusion of available partial information is considered. Information fusion involves merging, or jointly exploiting, a number of imperfect information to make the appropriate decision.

Illustration de la communication inter-véhicules
Plaiimob Communications

A platform to simulate vehicles and their communications has been developed and is available here

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