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Project SCALE

2011 - 2015

Sustainable food chains

Project SCALE aims to increase NWE economic competitiveness and improve environmental sustainability of food and drink supply chain logistics in the context of rising food demands, increasing energy prices and the need to reduce environmentally damaging emissions.

The project will deliver a comprehensive range of tools and technologies that the agri-food sector can exploit to secure a step change in operational practices that will improve the efficiency and sustainability of food logistics across NWE. The tools and technologies will be PILOTED ACROSS A RANGE OF FOOD NETWORKS to demonstrate how the new approaches can deliver the improvements that are demanded to meet both consumer expectations and the targets set within public policy protocols.

The approach to the project involves 3 core work packages focused on : developing a new supply chain architecture, a collaborative framework and an ICT technical tool .

The new innovative supply chain architecture will help food companies optimise the financial, environmental and social costs of each unit of food delivered to the consumer. The new collaborative framework will facilitate the development of multi-party collaborative relationships across the entire network to improve the overall sustainability of food and drink ecosystems. Finally, the new ICT tool will provide the necessary infrastructure and visibility to support food networks requirements across their complex networks to deliver long term sustainability.

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