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RHUMS (RFID HID Unified Middleware Service) is an API and web pages based middleware. It provides a unified method for RFID scanners to send their data to a remote database on a server, relying on the Datawedge HID feature of RFID scanners.

The market is well furnished with RFID acquisition (scanners) and encoding (printers) devices. To allow scanners to send their data to a central database, (e.g. Warehouse Management Systems, etc.) the LGI2A designed and developed a middleware prototype called RHUMS (RFID HID Unified Middleware Service), providing a single interface for any Datawedge HID ready scanning device to send data to a central database. It relies on web API (NodeJS / Express.js) and a set of web pages (HTML, Ajax, Bootstrap).

It includes:

  1. A configurable interface for RFID scanners, providing two scan settings: either local (the scanned RFID codes are not sent) or acquisition (the scanned RFID codes are sent to a remote database) ;
  2. A display interface, providing a real time insight on the latest scanned RFID codes ;
  3. A database were scanned codes are stored.

To facilitate the deployment of this middleware, a sample docker compose configuration file is provided, with a sample database.

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