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Ph.D. thesis of Chaima BEN ABDALLAH

A sustainable and resilient supply chain network design under uncertainty : Agro-food case study

Starting date: 20 June 2019
Funding: Bourse d'alternance
Keywords: Sustainability ; Resilience ; stochastic programming ; fuzzy set theory ; Agro-food supply chain

The dairy sector plays an important role in Tunisian agricultural sector by contributing about 11% of value agricultural production. Since 1960s, public programs are proposed to enhance milk production at farm level and improve collection and trade network. Combined with these public programs, private investments in dairy processing plants have considerably enhanced the infrastructure of dairy value chain. However, the Tunisian dairy sector has been faced to strong challenges such as feed and milk quality, dominance of informal circuit, low productivity, climate conditions, high cost of production and transportation. The aim of this thesis is firstly to help decision-makers to become aware of the sustainable supply chain risks and secondly, to propose some issues of sustainability and resiliency of supply chain risk management. In this aim, we propose a conceptual framework based on combined approaches. The proposed framework is split into three phases. The first phase deals with the identification and the ranking of sustainability risks. To this end, we apply a multicriteria decision-making tool for identification and evaluation of risks. In the second phase, a conceptual map is drawn through a systematic literature review (SLR) to identify the Operation Research (OR) approaches being used at different levels of decision and how resiliency was treated. The third phase considers the development of different resilience strategies at production and collection levels. To this end, we develop an integrated multi-criteria decision-making method and an optimization model. Experimentation of our conceptual model is carried out on a real case study from Tunisian dairy supply chain.

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