Laboratoire de Génie Informatique et d’Automatique de l’Artois

Ph.D. thesis of Nasreddine OUERTANI

Meta-heuristics approaches for environnement protection and transportation security

Starting date: 1 April 2018
Funding: Tunisian grant
Keywords: Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem, Hazardous Materials, CO 2 emissions, Meta-heuristic

We deal with the problem of Vehicle Routing Problem with time windows in a dynamic environment (DVRPTW). Indeed, we will serve a set of customers using homogeneous vehicles while respecting their maximum load. Each customer has a known demand and geographic location and must be served within a predefined time. Two objectives should be optimized: (1) the total transportation cost and (2) the total travel risk, under dynamic environments. Besides, multiple constraints are to be considered to avoid violating transportation rules. The three major contributions are as follows: first, to model mathematically the problem by considering the possible dynamics in the environment, and with a new risk function. Second, two solutions approaches are proposed: a bi-population genetic algorithm (GA) and a hybrid evolutionary algorithm combining GA and Variable Neighborhood Search (VNS). And finally, to develop a decision support system.

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Institut Supérieur de Gestion de Tunis

University of Tunis


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