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Fábio francisco DA COSTA FONTES

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Fábio francisco DA COSTA FONTES -- Gilles GONCALVES
Routing Problem with Pendular and Cyclic Service in a Hierarchical Structure of Hub and Spoke with Multiple Allocation of Sub-Hubs
International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Systems Management, IESM'2015, Seville, Spain, octobre 2015
Fábio francisco DA COSTA FONTES -- Gilles GONCALVES
Hub Location and Routing Problem with Alternative Paths
4th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Logistics and Transport, ICALT'2015, Valenciennes, France, mai 2015

Sujet de thèse : "Optimization Models and Algorithms for Global Green network Design"


This research will be focusing on developing mathematical models and solution methods based on mathematical programming techniques for designing service network of global liner shipping by taking into account environmental aspects.