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Visite de la directrice de recherche AYFANTOPOULOU Georgia (Hellenic Institute of Transport, Grèce)

AYFANTOPOULOU Georgia, directrice de recherche à Hellenic Institute of Transport (Grèce), sera en visite au LGI2A du 08 novembre 2022 au 10 novembre 2022.

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Civil Engineering specializing in Designing and Management of Transport Systems. Postgraduate Studies in Informatics, University of PARIS VII and Transportation Planning and Engineering of the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chausees. PhD thesis on the « Implementation of expert systems and techniques on fleet routing and scheduling problems of transport fleets ». Civil Engineering Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
Professional and research expertise in the following sections : Traffic Management, Transport Systems Management, Use of Telematics Applications in : Maritime, Road and Combined Transport, GIS, Vehicle Fleet Management, Operations Research and in Road Safety.
Her professional experience covers a wide range in studies with subjects relate to maritime transports, port infrastructure management, new technologies application for maritime transportation systems’ management emphasizing on the safety and reduction of environmental impacts.

She has been assigned as Project Coordinator, Technical and Evaluation Manager for several EU as well as Greek projects, the most significant one of which was the EU (DG XIII) funded POSEIDON project, which aimed at the study of users’ needs, the new technologies’ potentials and the general architecture for the development of the Vessel Traffic Services Systems at European level. Her experience also includes her involvement as Quality Assurance Manager for the European Research projects « IMAGE - Intelligent Mobility Agent for complex Geographic Environments » (2001-today) and “WORKFRET - WORKing cultures in the face of intermodal FREight Transport systems” (1997-1998). At present she acts as the Technical Manager of “IMONODE (INTERREG IIIC programme) - Efficient Integration of Cargo Transport Modes and Nodes in CADSES area” which aims at the development of efficient intermodal transport systems in SE Europe with regards to sustainable development. The IMONODE project aims at studying the options and suggesting solutions including new technologies application for the optimization of intermodal transport chains development and operation in SE Europe. The Ministry of Environment, Planning and Public Works assigned to her the coordination of « The Business Plan for the Road Safety for the Ministry of Environment, Planning and Public Works » (2002-today).

She has been working on different European research projects related to new technology application for transport chains management and control (included intermodal transport) and was responsible for system functionalities specifications, pilot implementation, evaluation and acted as project coordinator for various Greek Transportation (road, maritime, combined transports) Studies.
She has written over 30 scientific papers that have been published in Greek and foreign magazines and were presented in Greek and international conferences.
Finally, she was Managing Director of a private company in the field of Transportation and Vice-President of the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers during 1994-1996.